Special Events

Let me tell you how I started organizing many events.

I've travel a lot and when I travel, I observe and try to pick what is suitable for my life.

I've attended many dinner parties abroad. It's not such a thing in my hometown so I decided to bring it to here. I organized more than 10 dinner parties in my house. But there's a always a catch if I do something. I was vegetarian at that time and every week the menu of the dinner party should be different. I think putting challenges to what I do is a personality trait.

Inviting my friends over dinner party started a fire in me to organize bigger events. After the dinner parties, I organized picnics and after the picnics I decided to go bigger, Taco Nights! Inviting 50 people to a place where they can have unlimited Taco's. Even now writing this sounds scary.
I arranged a DJ, I found and cleaned the place, I created my masterpiece ice breaking games. I thought every little details possible.

And that's how I organize events.


I think the reason is simple for me. I challenge myself, I improve myself and at the same time I see so many smiling faces at the end of the day.
I think this is the reason why :)

My Goals

My biggest goal is to organize a big art exhibition where the visitors create the art pieces themselves by touching, painting, removing, feeling them.
I also want to organize an EDM music festival.