Ucuza Topla

I had a problem and I've solved it!

I use home delivery for groceries all the time but the problem is that the prices vary a lot. The same tomato can be double the price in another online shop. I was comparing the prices manually going back and forth and one day I had it enough.

At first, I've created a product just for myself, a script which would run on my local machine but after some time, I've realized that this could be a big thing and I've proceed with developing the prod version.

I've done crazy amount of research finding all of the online shops which sell groceries all around Turkey. There're approximately 120 shops. And after that I've sorted which shops deliver to which neighborhoods. (There are around 32,000 neighborhoods). To do this I've created all sort of data flow charts for the database relationships.

And after crazily working on this, I've made it available to everyone in Turkey!

This is by far my most proud work. It's lean, modular and simple to update.


Layout Design, Figma
React, Typescript
Redis for caching
Two seperate servers for React and Django
React uses main domain
Django uses several subdomains


laptop ipad